Content Creators Evolution

The Content Creators Revolution


Showcast was created to allow content creators to make different events and monetize their contents the way they want to.


Its main impact comes up with the correct understanding of the product market fit processes both for consumers and creators.


We worked with the client to create a structure that responds to current demands both in users’ ways of consuming content and in creators’ possibility of monetization.

Content Creators Evolution


The goal was to improve the content creators’ situation in curren economy


Showcast was created in December of 2020 to allow content creators to own their spaces. They can create a free account to get involved with their communities in any way: hosting talk show panels, masterclasses, watch parties, etc.

Unlike other platforms, a huge highlight is that it also allows them to set their own pay-per-view price per show. The platform takes a rev share with ticket sales, only making money when creators do.


The first challenge was to study and understand the content creators’ economic trends and how they evolved not only with tech advances but also with current worldwide sanitary status.

On the other hand, we needed to create the site’s structure and its main concepts: which formats and options would be available, how creators would engage with their audiences and what would be the payment options and methods.

The dare was offering a safe environment for both creators and subscribers.

Content Creators Evolution


Worth Mentioning:

While it’s currently in its beta version, launched for a few content creators, it’s proven that it has a bigger ROI than worldwide platforms like TikTok.

We created a structure in which creators offer their audiences a show, composed of different events. Clientes can choose to buy a single event or get an annual subscription for all the content in a channel. It also has livestream events with an included chat and allows users to receive notifications when their favourite creators upload new content.

In April 2021, we launched a beta release for creators in a controlled environment, developing an iOS app with a web alongside it to accompany the processes.

Content Creators Evolution

Technologies: For a project of this calibre, with this many areas, we worked with React Native and Node.JS for the frontend and backend respectively. The team also used MongoDB’s database, MUX’s video platform, the AWS notifications and message services and Stripe in order to manage payments.

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